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Premium Quality
Sustainable Materials
Competitive Pricing

Sustainability & Ethics

Feel good about your purchase knowing we've taken time and care to bring you great quality, sustainably and for competitive prices

Well-Made Clothing

We have worked long and hard to make what we consider the best choices when it comes to our clothing. Including hiring experienced professionals to create and examine our pieces.  


We are making it a priority to not only reduce the waste and consumption but to restore it. Planting trees for reviews, using compostable packaging, are just some of the ways we are aiming to help rather than hinder.


We believe education is key when it comes to sustainability and therefore we focus our marketing efforts on sending sustainable messages to our consumers because it's a joint effort.


Our Suppliers are always checked for certifications relevant to each piece created. a few examples include GOTs, Oeko Tex Standard 100, and Global Recycled Standard.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We have taken months at a time to choose specific fabrics and approve based on their quality and sustainability. Each item details its composition but we make no purchases until we are 100% happy with our items. 

Sustainable Packaging

We package all our items in either cardboard boxes for recycling or compostable mailing bags dependent on size of order. Our Tissue Paper is Recyclable, Compostable and uses soy-based ink, all FSC-Certified. The same for our stickers and labels and we've used embossed designs to reduce the amount of dyes and inks used.

Ethical Production

We work continuously to find ethical manufacturers for our items. Actively checking audits and making sure there is a constant strive towards better production. 

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Review Forest

If we can ask you one thing, we ask that you please use the link below to review us and plant a tree, it doesn't just help us and we're proud to contribute to this cause. 


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