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Shipping Policy

Shipment times depend on design but for blanks and Overr Fashion we aim for 3-5 business days. Should you want further design, Upon receiving a quote you will be given an estimated delivery date.

Overr uses Royal Mail for all UK Shipments as they have the largest number of electric vehicles and aim to be Net Zero by 2040.

Postage is free on orders above £70.00 and £2.50 on all orders below.

Return & Exchange Policy

All blanks and Overr fashion is returnable within 30 days with a full refund offered provided the item still has original tags on it. We do not currently offer free returns but we are working hard to offer this in the future. 

We are happy to offer exchanges in sizes - please email to arrange. 

Any items bought from the blank store are no longer returnable once the design is on the items. please email should there be any queries regarding returns. 

Wholesale Enquires

We are happy to cater to wholesale enquiries, our blanks store is there for you to browse whatproducts we have readily available but for further enquiries please email and we will be more than happy to help

Payment Methods

Credit Cards

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  • Why Recycled Polyester?
    We try very hard to reduce our use of synthetic fibres but there are benefits to it and there is also a demand for it so we made the decision to use it only in minimal percentages. That be said we recognise that Polyester takes a very long amount of time to break down and so we see absolutely not reason as to why recycled polyester shouldn't be everyone's chosen route. We don't want to contribute to the creation of virgin polyester and so we only use Recycled.
  • How do I get in touch regarding an order?
    For Quotes, enquiries, refunds and returns please contact and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible
  • Why Organic Cotton?
    Cotton is a natural fibre and we believe it should be grown naturally too. The main problem with regular cotton is the pesticides used to grow it often harm the soil. Therefore, the more times one field is re-used to grow the worse condition of the soil gets. Organic cotton on the other hand is grown without pesticides allowing the soil to be re-used again and again with minimal impact.


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